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*When writing Muzz II, I wanted to create an interactive and educational experience for the reader. I always feel one reason we read is to learn. Therefore, in my book, I have made references to many things that I feel the reader, especially the younger ones, may not already be familiar with. These may be obscure animals, plants, or other fun facts. In this book, these items have been marked by an * . My hope is that the reader will stop and look up some of these things to see what they look like and maybe read a little more about them. The problem is that these facts are mixed in with a whole lot of fiction, therefore it is often difficult to determine what is worth looking up. On this page, I have pulled out some things from Muzz II that I was hoping the reader might become curious about. Click on each image to learn more about these items.



Morse Code

Willow Tree




Sea Anemone

Pitcher Plant




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