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AR Points & Quizzes

Note: After researching, here is what I have determined: AR points and quizzes are near impossible to come by for self-published authors through the standard  Renaissance Accelerated Reader Program. So, I am trying to take matters in my own hands.  I can't imagine teachers would discourage any child reading a book that really engages them, so I have created my own quizzes which can be viewed or printed below. They can also be worked online at


After completing the quiz please have your teacher email me @ and I will promptly send them a copy of the answer sheet.

My best guess is that 5.5 AR points should be awarded for successful completion of the quizzes for each of my three books. This should be approved by the student's teacher before assuming points will be awarded.

Also, an online version of quizzes from all 3 books can be taken on

Just login, click Discover, and type in Muzz Series.

Muzz AR Quiz

Muzz II AR Quiz

Muzz III AR Quiz

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